Sunday 26th of March 2023
  • March 23, 2023
Measuring your Return on Investment – ROI

Return on Investment ROI is used as a key aspect of analytics and is very important in shaping a…

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  • March 21, 2023
Predicting stock prices and market shifts using AI

One of the best ways for companies to become or remain successful is to employ artificial intelligence (AI) processes that…

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  • March 16, 2023
Things Artificial Intelligence can do for your business

What is AI – Artificial Intelligence? Before we look into benefits AI offers to business, let’s look at what AI…

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  • March 15, 2023
Things to consider when you Starting a Forex Brokerage

Open an FX Brokerage Starting a forex brokerage can be a complex and challenging process, but it can also be…

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  • March 14, 2023
Why is green tech a must for young employees?

What does green technology mean? Green technology (also called eco-friendly, clean or environmental tech) is a term describing every technology…

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  • March 9, 2023
Guide to IT project transition – real-life tips & tricks

Introduction It’s definitely no easy feat, especially when there may be a lot of specialists and organisations involved. You have…

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  • March 7, 2023
The importance of price prediction

Introduction Every business must find a way to stay competitive in an increasingly large market full of competitors. Customers find…

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  • February 28, 2023
Why quality assurance really matters

What is quality assurance? Quality assurance is a process of ensuring the product that is being developed has the right…

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  • February 21, 2023
Reducing Churn with AI | Blog Future Processing

To combat churn, companies have started to turn to artificial intelligence (AI) applications that use predictive analytics to successfully determine…

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  • February 14, 2023
ROI in IT projects – Significant contributing factors

ROI ROI is often seen as a key performance indicator that helps to determine the overall business success, or…

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