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Finding the right business partners: Clutch.co

A global shift

Research by NTT Services confirms that as much as 45% of global corporations plan to increase outsourcing in the recent years.

The main reasons why companies look for trusted partners and consultants to work on important projects are the cost-effectiveness of such a solution and easy access to the pool of talented and experienced candidates with the new technology it guarantees. The deal is clear, but only if the partners you decide to work with are trustworthy. If not, outsourcing may become a nightmare and you may not get all the benefits. This is why finding the right company to work with is of key importance if you want your projects to be successful.

How to find the best partner for your company?

When thinking about finding the best partner or consultant to work with, the first thing that comes to mind is looking on Google. Sounds easy but google “IT services outsourcing” and you will get so many results there is no way you can go through all of them. You can try to find some articles about the best options available, but many of them are sponsored, so getting credible information is difficult.

Another challenge arises when you look for clients’ reviews: many websites publish just positive ones, and some companies use sponsored publications and paid endorsements, so finding impartial opinions is nearly impossible.

Opportunities to get proper market insights allowing businesses to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing their collaborators are therefore limited and presented in a pretty chaotic way.

There is also an independent platform that focuses on presenting solution providers and on publishing as much information about them as possible, including reviews. It’s called Clutch.co.

What is Clutch.co and how does it work?

Clutch.co is the leading marketplace for B2B service providers.

Their team collects genuine clients’ feedback and analyses global industry data, giving businesses access to insights they need to find reliable partners. Clutch.co conducts in-depth interviews through phone calls and online form submissions with clients of each company they list, speaking about the quality of their services and many important aspects of collaboration. All reviews come with a rating displayed next to each company’s profile.

At the moment, Clutch.co’s database contains as much as 150 000 companies from all over the world, categorised by their location, expertise and skills.

To find the right company for the project you want to undertake, you can search Clutch.co’s website by the region where you want your partner to be based, by the price of their services or skills they possess. Thanks to Clutch.co’s marketplace, the whole process of finding the partner is smooth, cost effective and there is not much room for mistake. Given the great service they offer, Clutch.co’s website traffic and customer base are increasing each year.

What do clients say about Clutch.co?

From the clients’ point of view, Clutch.co is a service that saves their time, effort, and money. They use it to find reliable partners, to compare them and check their scorings. From the point of view of companies listed on Clutch.co, it is one of the best platforms to be on.

It drives traffic to their websites and, what’s more important, the quality of the visits it generates is very high.

“We’ve been collaborating with Clutch.co for over two years now. During that time, we saw 650% increase of traffic from clutch.co and services such as themanisfest.com and Visual Objects. This is how Clutch.co became one of our top five web traffic sources. It’s also worth mentioning the quality of the visits we get from Clutch.co: it constantly improves, as proved by an average length of a session on our website (increase to almost two minutes). What’s more, Clutch.co provided us with a wider picture when it comes to analysing the market. Thanks to data we got from Clutch.co (such as statistics for each category and the number of visits to our website), we can accurately select groups of services and technologies with the best potential.”

Marketing Data Analyst

Future Processing

Why is working with reliable companies important for Clutch.co?

Clutch.co’s updated mission as of July 2022 is to empower better business decisions as the leading marketplace of B2B service providers. To achieve that, they need a lot of trustworthy companies their clients can browse through.

We are among the companies listed on Clutch.co, and the portal that allows us to share information on our experience and expertise with more potential clients every year. A good place to be at.

There is no doubt Clutch.co is a powerful platform that improves visibly, builds trust, provides transparent and honest feedback, and creates marketing opportunities, thanks to their reports and social media presence. It’s a great tool for companies around the world. But it works both ways.

For Clutch.co, listing reliable and trustworthy partners is a key to survival. Their vision is to ensure that every business leader starts at Clutch to find the right B2B services.

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