Saturday 4th of February 2023

5 Important Reasons why you need to open a Digital Account

The global pandemic outbreak has transformed our lives in many ways and accelerated digital adoption at an exponential rate. This has led to several banks providing online banking services to enable customers to transact and manage finances from the comfort of their homes.

It’s no surprise that many banking customers have taken advantage of digital banking options, especially after the pandemic.

In fact, 89% of GCC customers in a survey stated they prefer digital banking post-Covid-19.

As more and more people in Bahrain and GCC region are turning online to manage financial services, banks have included complex interactions such as digital account opening and virtual agent consultations as part of their online banking services.

Here are 5 reasons you can rely on digital banking to make your life easy:

  1. Quick Digital Account Opening Process

Accounts such as MyHassad online enable digital account opening Bahrain for all customers through the AUB M-Bank Bahrain App. Using basic details such as CPR, you can open a savings account online without the need to visit a branch physically.

Besides, digital accounts have an exclusive line-up of offers and deals that make them even more attractive. For instance, by opening a MyHassad account online, you can stand a chance to win grand prizes of up to $1 million through the lucky draws.

  1. Conduct Banking Transactions on the Go

Transact through your smartphones, tablets or laptops and access your accounts 24/7 to take care of any number of banking tasks quickly. Check your balance, transfer funds, set up automatic bill payments, shop online, and more. It’s a real time saver.

  1. Accrue Savings Securely and Steadily

Have complete control over your finances. With the ability to self-serve, digital banking accounts gives you real-time access to manage and move money as you deem fit. Besides, the greater the savings in your account, the idle money won’t go waste and will fetch you accrued interest payments in the case of a savings account.

Besides, with savings account schemes like MyHassad from AUB, the more you save in your account, the more your chances of winning lucky draw sweepstakes of $1000, $100000, and $1 million. That means, the more you have in your account, there’s something to look forward to every month. With every BD 50 balance held for the specified timeline, the more the draw chances to win the grand prizes at stake.

  1. Personal Finance Planning

Digital banking features facilitate access to a basket of tools at your disposal that can help you plan your finances, budget, forecasting, and also explore investment options. This makes it easier for customers to stay informed and the majority of financial planning can be done without having to pay a visit to the bank.

  1. Deposit Online Anytime, Anywhere

Deposit funds in your account in no time and watch your balance grow. You no longer need to wait in long queues to make deposits. You can use your bank’s mobile app to make deposits in a safe, convenient, and reliable way. Moreover, check your account balance in real-time to ensure that the deposit was made.

In the case of savings accounts like MyHassad, make instant deposits of BD50 online and earn your chance to win special rewards.

Get started with your digital banking experience today with AUB and open your MyHassad account digitally. Take a step closer to achieving your dreams with a chance of winning as much as $1 Million.

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