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Acute Heart Attack: Health Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Here in this article we are going to know what is Acute Heart Attack. Also we are going to see the top 10 tips to manage the acute heart attack health and its symptoms during the COVID-19 crisis.

In this Pandemic situation, Patients are having an acute heart attack with find themselves in caring.

What is Acute Heart Attack?

It is the short for ACS which means Acute coronary syndrome and heart attacks. Acute Heart Attack happens when the arteries that carry blood, oxygen, and nutrients get blocked. They occur when your heart doesn’t get enough blood supply. A heart attack is also known as a myocardial infarction.

Here are few points which you need to understand more above Acute Heart Attack.

  1. Acute Heart Attack can arise due to various causes from a poor lifestyle to a family history of having heart diseases.
  2. One must need to be aware on how to prevent or reduce the chances of having heart attack

Symptoms of an Acute Heart Attack or Acute coronary syndrome may be 

1. Chest pain
2. Nausea
3. Digestion
4. Vomiting
5. Tiredness
6. Light-headedness due to COVID-19.

Heart attack can be a result of a faulty lifestyle, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, and family history, etc.

10 Tips on How to Manage of acute heart attack during the COVID-19 era

During the COVID-19 era, if a person is suffering from Acute Heart Attack, the following 10 tips will help them to manage the conditions:

  1. If a person suffers from an Acute heart attack, he or she needs to be taken to the hospital through Ambulance in order to get the right treatment. Neve should the person should go by himself/herself. Need to inform the doctor about medications to be given.
  2. Daily exercising will make the person stay fit. The can have a small walk on the terrace or can have yoga and meditations to avoid the stress.
  3. Stay at home. No need to go out of house or being mingled with the sick people as this may create more problems. They need to have the adequate medicine at home so that during the COVID-19 era they can avoid going out.
  4. Protect yourself by wearing a face mask, sanitize your hands every half an hour, follow social distancing at home. Try not to touch the surfaces like door, switches as these may be the source for infection as they are used by the people at home frequently.
  5. Maintain the proper foot habits by eating at the right time to maintain the healthy lifestyle. Avoid having foods that are junked. Try to have fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes.
  6. Have a good sleep. It is having a sleep at the night time of at least 8 hours per day.
  7. Practice yourself in doing a small kind of work like maintaining the garden, or any other extra-curricular activities.
  8. Keep in touch with your family and friends by talking over phone or having a video calls.
  9. During this COVID-19 era consult your doctor through video
  10. Keep in track of your Blood sugar levels, BP check-up, Cholesterol and etc.,

Hope this article help everyone in knowing more about Acute Heart Attack, the symptoms and the Top 10 Tips to manage Acute Heart Attack during COVID-19 crisis & Symptoms.

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