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Advantages of training with a personal fitness partner

At a fitness workout with Victoria and Anastasia from Russia

Training with a training partner has a number of advantages that are almost similar to the training you know with a personal fitness instructor. However, it is not suitable for every fitness enthusiast. The best option to start training with a partner is after you have learned the correct execution of the exercises and you have crossed the beginner’s class. The goal of training with a personal training partner is constant progress.

Benefits of training with a training partner

Before you start training with a training partner, keep in mind that you need to find a partner who is at almost the same level as yours and has almost the same goals. Otherwise you will be disappointed and you will not like the results at all. What does that mean? Imagine you are training to gain muscle mass and your partner is training to lose weight or strength. Imagine that you weigh 100 kg and your partner weighs 50 kg. What will bring you closer in training will be mostly basic exercises. But this convergence is not enough.

The difference in repetitions, workload, breaks between sets will certainly have more negative than positive effect on the quality of training of both partners. So finding a suitable training partner is a much more difficult task than finding a personal fitness trainer.

In the following lines, we will list three great benefits you can get from training with a training partner:

1. The arrangement

Going to a workout once a week is an easy task. Going twice is also almost possible for everyone. But training 3-4-5-6-7 times a week is a matter of organization, which is not an easy task. It is here that the training arrangement with a training partner plays an important role. In other words – whether you like it or not, you are bored, you are tired – you go to training, because otherwise you become frivolous and this will affect your progress and the progress of your training partner.

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2. Motivation

Motivation is that part of the workout, before the workout and after the workout that makes you move on. With it, training partners need to recharge each other to move forward. In other words, the training partner is the one who will help you for the last 3-4-5 repetitions in each work series and will motivate you with words and gestures to go one and another step.

3. Savings

Training with a training partner will save you a lot of money. Today, the average price of a workout with a personal fitness trainer is between BGN 10-30. With this money that you will save by training with a training partner, you will have the opportunity to buy quality food and nutritional supplements. And this will have an even better effect on your progress by increasing the personal motivation and self-confidence that you will build from the right training and nutrition.

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