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The Best 5 Exercises for Biceps

As a continuation of the topic of the best dumbbell exercises, this time we will tell you how to shape the enviable muscle mass of the biceps. Well-shaped hands in men definitely attract the attention of the opposite sex and give an athletic look to your figure. The fact is that the biceps are one of the most beloved muscle groups and there is nothing accidental in this. Embossed hands are an indication that you often visit fitness clubs and take care of your appearance.

There is no quick way to get big biceps, but if you are consistent and follow a diet, the results will be visible in a few months. Below you will read what are the 5 best biceps exercises that will help you stay in top shape.

1. Biceps Bending with a Barbell


Barbell or dumbbell bending is one of the classic and well-known biceps exercises. It is important to use a small weight, and one that you can lift without bending your waist or strengthening the barbell. Apart from the fact that you can inflict injuries, in this way the exercise loses its effectiveness because you help yourself illegally. To perform the biceps flexion with a barbell properly, you need to stand up straight, take the appropriate weight and hold it with both hands, extending them to the width of the back. The palms should point forward. Without moving your upper arms, bend your elbows and lift the barbell until it reaches your shoulders. Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

2. Pulley Hammers with Rope


This exercise may not be the most common, but if you practice it regularly, you will notice that the circumference of your arms will increase significantly. Violin hammers with a rope provide a constant and more stable load on the biceps. Hence, muscle mass in this area rises visibly. The technique of the exercise is not difficult. It is performed by grasping at both ends the rope attached to a pulley. The pulley reel should be set at its lowest level and the weight according to your capabilities. When gripping, the palms should be facing each other. The legs should be shoulder-width apart and the knees slightly bent during the exercise. The rope must be taut during all repetitions. Start squeezing your elbows until the ends of the rope reach your shoulders. Hold this position and tighten the biceps. Then return to starting position. This exercise is not easy, so we recommend starting with 3 sets of up to 8 repetitions.

3. Cattle Folding with a Curved Bar

Another lesser known but equally effective exercise is the squat fold. It can be performed with a dumbbell or a curved lever and requires a little more concentration. The technique is as follows: first you need to put your hands on the pad of the bench for cattle folding. This helps to isolate the biceps, thus working only them, and the other muscles in the upper body remain immobile and do not facilitate weight lifting. Take a curved lever with the appropriate weight with both hands with a grip and spread your palms 15-20 cm apart. Place your upper arms on the pad of the cattle fold bench, sit carefully and make sure your elbows are slightly bent. Start squeezing your arms at the elbows and lift the curved lever toward your shoulders. Hold for a few seconds and lower to the starting position. More advanced ones can add heavier discs, depending on their physical training. Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

4. Dialing a Lever with a Narrow Grip


Remember the article on lever exercises? There is no doubt that tight grips are one of the main and best exercises for building strength and muscle mass in the biceps and back. Even with weight training, it can be said that they have more advantages over other exercises to increase the circumference and relief of the arms. To perform the exercise correctly, you only need a lever. You choose whether you prefer to do it in the gym or in the garden behind the block. Hold the lever with a shoulder-width approach. The legs are also bent at the knees so that they do not touch the ground. Then tighten your shoulders on your back, bend your elbows and pull up until the lever reaches chest level. Hold up for a few seconds and slowly lower back to the starting position. Do repetitions until failure. For the more advanced – you can add extra weight when performing recruits.

5. Concentrated Folding from a Standing Position

Unlike our proposal for dumbbell exercise, which is performed from a seat, this time we recommend that you try concentrated bending from an upright position. It is good to have some experience in the gym, because of the intensity of this variety. To perform the technique correctly, you need a dumbbell with the appropriate weight. Stand up straight, take the dumbbell in hand, and rest your free hand on the thigh of her eponymous leg (left hand to left leg or right hand to right leg). Lean your body slightly forward and relax the dumbbell down. The body remains static throughout the exercise, except for the elbow of the working hand. Begin to slowly bend the dumbbell to your shoulder until you feel the maximum load. Do 3 sets of up to 12 reps, increasing the weight over time.

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