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Best 5 Exercises for Men’s Breasts

To form a perfect pectoral muscle is often among the main desires of training men. This is no coincidence, as the pectoralis major muscle is the most important and largest muscle. It consists of an upper, middle and lower part. There are dozens of exercises you can do in your chest workout. To make it easier for you, we have collected below the TOP exercises for building chest muscle mass. The important thing in all of them is to perform them slowly, holding for 1-2 seconds. Depending on the type of exercise and the inclination of the body during the performance, which part of the pectoral muscles will take the main load.


1. Push-ups

This is the oldest and most recognizable chest exercise that you can perform anywhere and anytime. Properly performed, it effectively loads the chest, triceps and shoulders. Only by changing the position of the arms or the inclination of the body can you focus on different parts of the chest. More advanced ones can add extra weight when performing the exercise. We recommend that you do 3 sets of 12-15 slow and controlled repetitions. The push-ups are suitable for the end of the training in order to maximize the load on the desired part of the chest.

2. Horizontal Bench


The bench press exercise is among the most popular chest workouts, which over the years has become an indicator of strength or a designation for ostentatious masculinity. It depends on who performs it. In any case, this is one of the top exercises for the upper body, which will help you build mass and shape your chest muscles. It is made with the help of a barbell and modular weights to it. The technique with which the exercise is performed is quite easy, so the bench is suitable for both advanced and beginners. Our recommendation is to always have a partner – your personal trainer or another trainer at the moment to protect you while performing the exercise. For the best effect, perform the bench at the beginning of your workout. Emphasize difficult sets with a weight that does not allow you to do more than 6-8 reps per set. Use a medium-wide grip when pushing out of bed. If you narrow the grip, you will put more strain on the triceps, and the chest will benefit little from the exercise. The ideal grip is one in which your forearms are parallel to each other in the lower position.

3. Horizontal bench with Dumbbells

Another extremely effective exercise in shaping the chest is the dumbbell bench. Balancing in this exercise is an idea more difficult than performing it with a barbell. With dumbbells, each side of your body works independently, which activates more stabilizing muscles. The dumbbell bench also allows heavy weight training and is a good alternative if you have shoulder problems and can’t take advantage of the barbell. Perform this exercise at the beginning of the chest workout, with heavy weights and a low number of repetitions – between 6 and 10. We do not recommend performing a horizontal bench with dumbbells in addition to a horizontal bench with a lever, as the two movements are similar. It is best to choose one of them to include in your workout. When performing the exercise, concentrate on the chest and try to feel them tense. Push the weight with your chest, not your hands. Use your hands only to maintain the weight. Otherwise, you will not load the chest muscles properly.



4. Upper bench with Low Inclination

The upper part of the chest is the most difficult to develop, but also the one that gives the most aesthetic and voluminous look to the breasts, so this exercise is among the most effective for sculpting an ideal chest relief. To do this, use the benches in the fitness club, which have an adjustable slope. It is important that the slope is not too large, so that you feel the load mainly in the chest and more precisely in their upper part. In addition to free weights, the exercise can be performed on a Smith machine, which gives you more security in heavier series. Do between 3 and 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps with appropriate weight. Perform the exercise with a slightly narrower grip than usual to maximize the muscle fibers of the chest.

5. Buckets

Again quite a familiar exercise. Here, however, it is important while performing it to make sure that you focus on the chest and not on the triceps. This exercise is most effectively performed as follows – the legs are behind the body, you bend as far forward as possible, and the elbows are spread to the sides of the body. If you are moderately advanced or advanced, you can perform the exercise at the end of your workout to fully load the chest muscles.

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These are just some of the various chest exercises that you can include in your training plan. Consult a professional instructor who will guide you to the right exercises for you, tailoring them to your physical training. Remember to eat right and drink enough water to achieve your dream results faster.

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