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12 Tips to Boost Your Weak Immune System

Have you already adopted the right reflexes 2 strengthen you are naturally defenses..? If not, there is still time. Here are 12 easy-to-apply daily actions to effectively strengthen your immune system.

You know the basics to strengthen your weak immune system: healthy food, sleep and ventilation of your living space, but also of your small cells. However, there are a few tips you should know to help it when it gets weak, especially with the lack of light and the cold winter weather.

Strengthen Your Weak Immune System: Preventive Actions

Before the first appears, change your routines to prepare your body for  your immune system.

Tip # 1: In the Morning, Take an Alternate Shower

The principle is simple. Start with hot water, very hot all over the body, then suddenly switch to cold water: right foot and leg, left foot and leg, right arm then left, buttocks, stomach and if possible, torso .

Moderately pleasant few times, but very effective feeling more invigorated. So more resistant.

Tip # 2: Invigorating Foot Baths

Always with water, a very simple trick to strengthen your entire immune system: fill a container with cold water up to a height of 40 cm, large enough to step in and walk in place for two minutes, going out. completely the foot of the water between each step.

Then dry yourself off, and put on thick socks. A special foot bath, excellent for strengthening the whole body.

Tip # 3: Movement

Do you practice sport or physical activity regularly? Perfect, continue. Otherwise, even if the weather is rough, get outside, take a walk in the fresh air, and walk often, briskly. If, due to lack of training, you quickly get out of breath, slow down, but persevere: an hour’s walk a day is ideal, and you will get there.

Endurance sports, swimming in an indoor pool, other water sports or cross-country skiing, also help strengthen your body. Have you always been sedentary? The good news is that a little exercise seems to improve the immune system, especially in you.

Tip # 4: Abdominal Breathing

Breathing optimally oxygenates the blood and helps cells release the various wastes that clog them. The daily practice of abdominal breathing, that is to say into the stomach, is a simple and effective asset for staying in good shape.

Tip # 5: Friction

The frictions, carried out as a preventive measure, may be enough to pass the whole family between the drops.

Tip # 6: Take a Preventive Cure

Before bad weather and cold weather arrives, it is always interesting to equip the body in advance to face the season calmly.

Before providing the body with revitalizing nutrients to defend itself, it is better to start with a detox treatment to cleanse the body and make the transition between summer and the return of the winter cold.

Indispensable for digesting food and absorbing nutrients, but also for protecting against external aggressions (viruses, toxins, bacteria, etc.), the intestinal flora, a real border guard between the external environment and the body, must not be neglected. On the contrary, everything is played here! An intake of probiotics is therefore essential to tackle winter well …

Finally, for a complete preventive and immunostimulating cure, you can count on plants (acerola, echinacea, grapefruit seed extracts, spirulina, etc.) and bee products (royal jelly, propolis, pollen).

Steps to strengthen your weak immune system in the event of contagion

Are there already sick people around you, and you are starting to feel a little woozy? Take more preventive measures, and follow these tips:

Tip # 7: Gargles that Don’t Gargle

Some gargles are just as useful for protecting against infections as they are for healing.

The easiest: pour a little sea salt and 3 large tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water, and gargle with this preparation several times a day.

Tip # 8: Inhaling that Inspires

Inhalation also remains a means of choice for preserving and, when needed, clearing the respiratory tract.

Try, for example with 3 drops of Scots pine essential oil, 3 drops of ravensare (or Ravintsara) essential oil and 2 drops of peppermint essential oil in a large bowl of boiling water over which you breathe quietly and deeply the vapors of this mixture, for about ten minutes.

Tip # 9: An Invigorating and Delicious Drink

A rather nice little drink to strengthen your defenses: boil a piece of fresh, grated or crushed ginger in water, and take this infusion 3 times a day.

Pieces of cinnamon and cloves welcome if you like them. It will be the most fragrant and delicious prevention.

Tip # 10: The Amazing Massage of the Wings of the Nose

A reflex to put in place urgently: as soon as you feel the slightest cooling, massage yourself vigorously on each side of the wings of the nose. Do the same on the upper part of the nose, moving back and forth between the nose and forehead.

Repeat several times a day. Ultra simple and you will be surprised at the results.

Tip # 11: The Mind, Don’t Forget

Yes, watch your state of mind, think positive. A trendy speech? No: our mood and the quality of our thoughts directly influence our endocrine balance, and therefore our immune defenses.

Tip # 12: Take a Turmeric Cure to Better Defend Yourself

You feel weak and tired, your joints are causing you pain … In short, grayness and bad weather are starting to overwhelm your resistance? It’s time to take a cure to help the body recover …

At Globe, we are a fan of a super energizing drink that helps eradicate any cold or temporary flu: dragon’s pee, lemon-based (for antioxidants, vitamin C and its antiseptic, antibiotic and antiviral properties), ginger (natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever) and turmeric ((anti-inflammatory).

The Recipe for Dragon’s Pee, a Chinese potion that has been used for Centuries

  • 5 Organic Lemons
  • 100 g of Ginger
  • 50 g of Turmeric
  • 1 Green Pepper (optional of course)

Remove the rind from the lemons, peel the ginger and turmeric and cut into small pieces. Pass all the ingredients in a blender until you get a pasty but a little runny preparation. Filter the mixture by passing it through a skimmer or a Chinese.

Take 2 tablespoons and put them in a cup or glass. Fill with hot water (or ice cubes in summer) and drink it all at once during or after a meal. Avoid consuming in the evening to ensure good sleep.

Store the rest of this potion in an airtight container in the refrigerator for ten days.

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