Saturday 28th of May 2022

Corporate Manners | Find out 11 tips!

The CV that I opened the day before yesterday, I was shocked as soon as I opened it, the CV is beautiful and tidy, but the passport size photo attached to it is the opposite. The boy has passed from a reputed university in Bangladesh, the result is good, but the picture in CV is the opposite! The corporate etiquette thing is missing.

The girl I interviewed last week wore a beautiful dress, elegant and tasteful makeup. But during the interview, the veil was falling over and over again due to not reading it properly and he was repeatedly fixing the veil while answering the question, which also caused a lot of annoyance and unprofessionalism in our conversation.

The boy I called after seeing his excellent academic score came to be interviewed in a formal shirt-pants tucked in, but with a pair of lace sandals on his feet. In the interview, the girl said with great confidence that she knew the job, but on the second day of joining, it was found out that she had given wrong information to get the job. There was a private company, he was terminated immediately. 

As many emails come to the career mailing addresses of different organizations, many of them do not mention any subject. So how will the employer understand which post you have applied for?

The above problems but now very obvious. The children have just passed the university, many of them send applications for jobs in different places even after re-studying. But due to lack of proper etiquette, it is seen that they cannot go to the interview session, they fall at the level of sending CV. Today we will try to learn some very basic manners in the first episode of Corporate Manner.

Corporate etiquette and self grooming

(1) The first thing we need to know is to make a CV. Creating a good quality CV, however, works to create the first impression of your career. If you don’t know yourself, take the help of Google, but nowadays a lot of information is available on Google. If you can’t do that, get help from a senior. It is better to send a CV in PDF format than in Microsoft Word format.

(2) Do not give unnecessary information and must give necessary information. Many people do not write extracurricular activities, but if the employer knows this information, you will also know your potential.

(3) Do not write any false information. Many people write a lot of things in Microsoft Office, Adobe to make their CV look rich, then after joining, they have to run around with excel sheets to their colleagues.

(4) You must attach your picture to the CV in the right size. I have seen many people copy and paste their Facebook profile picture and put it in their CV. But it can also upset your employer.

(5) Find out what the cover letter is and of course attach the cover letter with the CV. Why you can be the best candidate in the designation for the post you are applying for, it is the job of the cover letter to write it neatly in very few words. A good cover letter will compliment your CV. In one of the episodes, I will talk about how to make a beautiful cover letter.

(6) Enter the post you are applying for as a subject in the email. For example – if you apply for the position of Trainee Marketing Manager, then write as the subject of the email – Application for the Post of “Trainee Marketing Manager”, many people send mails without writing the subject, in which case the organization does not understand why you actually sent their CV.

(7) Do not send a CV randomly, apply whenever you have a post that is going with you, and of course do well to find out about the organization where you are sending the CV. If you don’t have the slightest idea about the type of work the organization does, the employer may not find you anything to ask and your interview will end just before the start.

(8) When calling for an oral interview or written test by phone call, be sure to pay attention to your tone of voice, if your words show arrogance, or lack of confidence – the person who called you has a negative attitude towards you from the beginning. Can nurture. Which is definitely not going to be good for your career.

(9) Make it a habit to address everyone as “you.” In our country, in our language there is “you”, there is also “you”, there is no “YOU” as simple as in English. It’s safe to say “you” at the beginning, isn’t it?

(10) Nowadays, besides job portals, job circulars are also given in various Facebook circular groups. The person giving the job circular, however, may be your employer in the future. Sending him a friend request or texting him to tell him that you are interested in this post or to inform him of that information is indecent and inappropriate.

(11) Keep your Facebook profile a little tidy. Now many organizations see the Facebook profiles of the candidates. If the employer sees that your name is given – Princess Amuk or Chocolate Browny Tamuk or Tamuk Cool Boy, or Works at Baap’s Hotel / Facebook, then your image will be shattered before you can stand up.

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