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5 Exercises to Tight Your Stomach

The abdominal press is one of the most difficult parts of the body to shape. Its sculpting requires time, perseverance, proper nutrition and a lot of training. The good news is that most of us just want a tight belly without excess fat, not a perfect 6-pack. If you are one of these people, our tips are just for you.

IMPORTANT! Note that you can not achieve results in tightening the abdomen if you do not do enough cardio and do not follow a proper diet. Yes, you don’t have to be strict, you can afford a piece of dark chocolate or carbohydrates and healthy fats, but this should not become your main meal of the day. The maximum effect of the exercise is achieved when performed slowly, the movement is controlled. Here we work for quality performance, not for the number of repetitions and speed.

So, are you ready to sweat?

1. Plank


Also known as a “board”. This is an exercise that works for the whole body. It is extremely effective for tightening the abdomen, as the main load is in this area of   the torso. Plank seems at first glance quite an easy exercise and often beginners in the gym underestimate it, but few do it brilliantly in the beginning. To perform it correctly, lie on the ground on your stomach, then lift your whole body, pushing off the ground with your elbows and toes. Keep your body upright on the ground. You should feel tension all over the front of your torso. Do not make any movements. The goal is just to last a while in this position. You can start with three series of 30 seconds and increase by ten seconds each day. This way you will know how long 60 seconds are actually.

2. Twists


This exercise loads the lower, upper and lateral abdominal muscles simultaneously, using the opposite leg and arm. Take a mat and sit comfortably on it. Lie on your back, bend your arms at the elbows and place them with closed fingers under the nape of the neck. Relax your legs straight on the floor. The leg bends at the knee and tries to approach the diagonal arm. The arm is already bent and also seeks to “meet” the opposite knee. However, it is important when moving in the upper part of the body, leading not to the elbow, but the chest. Thus, the tension falls maximally on the abdominal muscles, while if you bend the shoulder and let the elbow lead, then you unnecessarily strain the back without achieving the maximum effect on the desired area.

3. Abdominal presses on a Roman chair


Abdominal presses are one of the most widely used exercises for developing abdominal muscles. They have a lot of options. Abdominal presses place more emphasis on the upper abdominal muscles. The exercise is suitable for both advanced and beginners. We offer you a variation of this exercise, including a Roman chair. Take a position on the appliance. Put your hands on the back of your head or chest. Then slowly stand up, exhaling at the same time. Hold for a second, then slowly return to starting position as you inhale. For greater effect, you can do the exercise with weights – such as a disc or dumbbell. The exercise is recommended to be done at the end of the workout.

4. Lifting the legs from a height


The exercise is one of the many variations of lifting the legs from different positions, but it loads the body twice as much as if we perform it lying down. This workout activates the muscles of the entire abdomen and especially its lower, more difficult to shape, part. To perform the exercise you need a lever or parallel bar. The better option is to use a special parallel with handles for the hands and a support for the back. Thus, the load on the abdomen is maximum, and that on the back is minimized. The upper body should be still. The legs hang without touching the floor. They are lifted together with the abdomen tight.

When lifting the legs with a bend in the knees, the goal is for them to be directed upwards, towards the body, and not to go forward. The easiest way to lift your legs from a height is to bend your knees. When you have mastered the movement with an upright pelvis, start striving to detach the pelvis from the backrest and raise the legs higher so that the knees reach the chest. Inhale at the beginning of the movement. When the legs have reached their highest point, exhale and try to hold them in this position for a second.

5. Lifting the legs from the leg


This exercise also seems quite easy at first glance, as it requires only a mat. In fact, it is quite effective and stressful. With it you will work for the lower abdomen, which accumulates the most fat and extra inches. The lower abdomen is also the most difficult to shape, so when you visit the gym today, do not miss this exercise. What to do? Lay down on your back. Lift your shoulders and head slightly off the floor. Keeping your arms straight along your body, lift your legs up until they form a right angle with the floor. Then lower slowly and in a controlled manner. You can add extra difficulty to the exercise if you use leg weights. Start with three sets of 12 repetitions, gradually increasing.

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A tight stomach is an ambition of both men and women. We all have “tiles”, they are just hidden under all the harmful food and bad habits that we have built over the years contrary to the needs of our body. There are three months until the start of the active summer season, so don’t waste any more time and book a workout with an instructor at the nearest fitness club.

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