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Text Neck Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises

Best Effective Exercises to Relieve Text Neck

Technology, indeed, has enhanced the quality of our life—we can do almost everything with the help of technical tools and gadgets. But, have you ever thought that if a thing has pros, it must have some cons too? One of the cons of technology being used at peak among adults is “Text Neck”. You may never have heard of this term before but surely have experienced it, if you’re a gadget junkie or corporate employee. In this article, we will explain what text neck is and how to get relief from this unknown disease.

Text neck is a digital age’s ailment connected with the frequent use of gadgets. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all rely on our phones, tablets, computers and this is where the problem arises. The issue called “Text Neck” stems from the basic activities where the neck remains in a frequent downward position for a long period of time. If ignored, this can lead to chronic pain.

If you’re a tech enthusiast or a corporate employee who suffers from constant irritable shoulder and neck pain, you might have text neck issues that fortunately have treatments available. You can either join a posture correction exercise program or can try exercises to relieve text neck.

Let’s discuss some exercises to relieve text neck.

1. Lateral Neck Stretch

Also known as forward head posture stretches, this is one of the best exercises to relieve text neck. You’re required to use this exercise to report the upper traps since you feel the most tension there. Just sit simply with a good posture on a chair (or stand with a good posture). Bring the left ear towards the left shoulder while keeping the right shoulder relaxed. Hold for at least 30 seconds and do 3-4 sets per day to see instant results.

2. Neck Rotation Stretch

This exercise will address the cervical spine’s deep and sore spots. While doing this stretch, avoid bad posture and sit on a chair. Start rotating your neck in a clockwise direction slowly, stop when you reach in the position of seeing downward and switch to anti-clockwise direction. Repeat this movement from left to right side and right to left side, whenever you can while working or even standing.

3 Checkpoints Reveal if poor Posture is Causing Your Pain

If you’re struggling with too much chronic pain, it is suggested to see an expert as soon as possible. Or, join a posture correction exercise program to address the issue.

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