Sunday 29th of May 2022

The Top 5 Health Tips from ConsoGlobe in 2022

After a year 2020 disrupted by the Covid-19, 2021 was an extension, with new habits and many discussions on the theme of health. Your readings have therefore been a little different than the previous year and reflect your current concerns.

Being in good health is important to you. Beyond the habits you have acquired as a result of Covid-19, you have sought to eat better, keep in shape and live in full health. Take a look at your favorite natural health tips for 2021.

Health Tips from ConsoGlobe in 2022

Of course, while natural tips are welcome, keep in mind that medication may be needed depending on the circumstances. Here you will find the remedies of grandmothers, tips for strengthening your immune system, especially in herbal medicine.

# 1 – a healthy mind of a healthy body

After the difficult episodes of confinement, you tried to build up some muscles and play sports. Exercising at home has become more common, so you wondered whether to exercise in the morning or in the evening.

# 2 – Treat a wart or panari

Unsurprisingly, natural remedies are still in the top 5 this year. In particular, you have sought to know how to treat a panari. The fight against the common wart also interested you and thus:

# 3 – natural pain relief remedies

Sometimes your body is in pain and you want to help it, for example with pain in the gums or to relieve tinnitus. You have also researched how to reduce swollen hematoma and postoperative edema.

# 4 – 12 medicinal herbs you absolutely need to know

You are not necessarily looking to rule out drugs but nevertheless to better understand nature and what it can offer us. In this way, for a mild inflammation, one can turn to a natural anti-inflammatory, strengthen his weak immune system or cure a cold. You have also looked for plants that are useful to know if you have kidney pain or those that are useful for the blood circulation.

# 5 – Granny’s useful everyday tips

Between cod liver oil, the benefits of black tea or magnesium chloride against fatigue, grandmother’s remedies are still popular! We look for vitamin D3 in our food, we take hemp oil for pain, and we prepare a poultice of green clay. You also appreciated:

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