Sunday 29th of May 2022

What do you want office makeup to look like next winter?

The winter has begun to go away. At this time, it is cold at times, it is like feeling hot at times! During this time the skin is as rough as winter. Even if the office doesn’t do a little make-up on him, it doesn’t look good. It seems like the day is boring. You also have to attend various conferences or last minute meetings in the office all of a sudden. So it is incredibly important to dress appropriately and professionally. It is important to dress lightly even if you want to look fresh all day in the office.

Many of us are confused about what kind of makeup can be done in the office during this time after winter. So today we will learn about the dos and donuts of office makeup in the spring next winter.


It is important to moisturize the skin before makeup, not only in winter but always. A very common problem during this time is dry skin. So we need to use a good moisturizer or facial oil before applying makeup. Those who want a very light moisturizer and those who have oily skin can also use almond oil. After using the moisturizer, you have to use sunscreen.

Foundation and primer

Primer is one of the ingredients to make makeup lasting. The primer not only makes the makeup last longer, it also helps to do flawless makeup. Then use concealer under the eyes and try to use a light shade of concealer from the skin color. At this time it is better to use semi matte cosmetics on the skin. However, those whose T-zone becomes oily very quickly can only use matte face powder in the T-zone. Of course, do not forget to apply makeup on the neck in harmony with the face.

Blush, bronzer and highlighter

Use deep pink or peach colored blush in winter. Try to use creamy blush. When using bronzer, make sure that the shade of bronzer is not too dark. Highlighter is very popular nowadays but do not use extra highlighter during office makeup. Only apply a light highlighter on the top of the nose and then finish the face makeup with face sweetener.

Eye makeup

It is better not to use office deep color eyeshadow. In that case you can use light brown or matte or creamy eyeshadow of peach and ash color. Do draw eyebrows, of course, give a wing liner with black colored eyeliner and try not to give too thick kajal because thick kajal is more likely to spread kajal and you will not find time to fix kajal by looking in the mirror again and again in the middle of office work. . Always use water proof kajal, eyeliner and mascara on the eyes. Do not apply more than 1 to 2 coats of mascara.


Be sure to use lip balm before applying lipstick. Try using semi matte lipstick. Thus the lips remain dry. Use light matte or creamy lipstick and any color that matches the skin color in terms of lipstick color. You can also use light brown, maroon and deep purple lipstick.

Drink the right amount of water along with hot tea and coffee and make sure to clean your face before going to bed at night. Serve yourself nicely in the winter and enjoy the next winter season with Perfect Skin Care.

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