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5 Ways to Boost your Digital Presence

Establish a Winning Web Presence that Clicks and Converts

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Every business regardless of size and type can be found online today through their websites, social media pages, Google business listings, etc.

However, having an online presence isn’t enough to help you meet your marketing goals. Being present in all digital channels is easy but it doesn’t mean you are doing it right. What matters is that your digital presence should be appealing enough for the audiences to continue engaging with your brand and eventually convert to customers.

Customers decide in an instant whether they like your brand or not and if your first impression is not convincing enough, customers will drop off and move onto your competitors.

5 Ways to Grow Digital Presence

Here are 5 things you can do to improve online presence in its entirety and make a killer impression among your audience:

  1. Update Your Marketing Portal Regularly

It’s not enough just to own a business website and make changes or revamp it every once in a while. You need to make creative changes regularly (ideally driven by analytical insights) to grab the attention of your audience and persuade them.

Based on our experience with a client, it’s best to make about 11 to 23 changes every day to get the most from your marketing portal. As we made regular insight-driven changes in the marketing portal, we witnessed the volume of leads increase substantially.

content change and seo impact

Besides, Google and other search engines also consider content freshness as a vital ranking signal. This means that the more the number of changes in your marketing portal, the greater the SEO impact and the more the chances to land in the top positions of search results.

  1. Go Beyond Your Portal

While focusing on your marketing portal is one way to improve web presence, it’s not all. You also need to expand your digital presence strategy beyond your website as your audience may also be looking at other forums before they even visit your portal.

Your audiences don’t make purchase decisions based just on the information you provide on your portal. In fact, most audiences check your social media handles, reviews, user comments on app store, Reddit forums, and more before they make a purchase decision.

social media referrals

That’s why it’s critical to be actively present on relevant digital channels to make your digital presence comprehensive.

  1. Make Social Media Engagement a Priority

Apart from having a comprehensive digital presence, it’s also vital to engage with your audience on those channels. Especially, social media channels offer a lucrative opportunity to engage and maintain a two-way line of communication with your audience.

You may be posting content regularly on social media channels, but if you miss responding to user comments or fail to spark a conversation with your audience, there’s no point in having a social media presence.

Therefore, make it a point to track social media comments, respond to them through canned responses or individual response based on the scenario and listen to what audience feel about your brand. This will open a whole new world of insights and help you expose the human side of your brand’s image.

Here’s a free library of social media canned responses you can use to respond to 16 different scenarios regardless of the social media channel.
  1. Maintain Consistent Communication Across Your Digital Presence

It’s one thing to craft the line of communication through your websites and social media channels, but orchestrating consistency in those communication and messages is another priority you can’t afford to overlook.

You can reach your audience through a banner on your website, an email, SMS, social media ad, push notification, google ads, etc. But if you reach out with inconsistent messages, it creates a poor omnichannel experience for customers and ultimately a negative impact on conversion.

consistent brands

As your audiences are probably jumping from channel to channel, it’s of utmost importance to maintain a consistent brand presence in all those channels.

  1. Offer Personalized Experiences

Believe it or not, your audiences expect a personalized experience now more than ever and are more willing to shop with brands that know them well. Therefore, it makes sense to send personalized communication to hold the attention of your customers and gently nudge them towards conversion.

consumers expect

You can curate personalized content in your websites, email, social media ads and more based on customers’ behavioural insights and preferences. Get personal with your customers to build a strong brand recall across channels.

The above are some measures that will enable you to pump up your digital presence. Enhancing your digital presence is a continuous process. So, keep up with the evolving trends to be at the top of SERPs as well as your audiences’ minds.

After all, you don’t want just a comprehensive digital presence, you want a robust presence that converts!

Do you have any tips for crafting a superior web presence? Leave them in the comments below or write to us at [email protected].

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