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How to use 7Ps Marketing Mix Strategy Model? The Ultimate Guide

Quick History of the Marketing Mix + 7 P’s

Also called the Marketing Mix, the 7 P’s of selling (Place, Price, Product, Promotion , Packaging, People, Physical Evidence ) are the SEVEN pillars of a successful marketing strategy. Combined, they get your product or service ahead of the proper audience at the proper time. 

Originally referred to as The 7 P’s which was developed by Edmund Jerome McCarthy, a Notre Dame marketing professor. Instead of studying marketing from a functional standpoint, McCarthy’s approach focused on the challenges and problem-solving marketers faced.

It was a revolutionary concept starting within the Mad Men era. Rather than just defining what marketing was, McCarthy developed a model that classified the essential marketing activities into Seven dimensions. This format was ready to have marketers improve best practices by incorporating sociology and psychology to realise insight into consumer behaviour.

As a marketer, so as to achieve success within the execution of your marketing campaigns and put your brand above other competitors, you would like to possess the right combination of supplying a desirable product or service, sold at a beautiful price, positioned within the right location, using attention-grabbing and conversational promotional tactics.

What Are the 7Ps of Marketing?

The 7Ps of selling may be a model for enhancing the components of your “marketing mix” – the way during which you’re taking a replacement product or service to plug . It helps you to define your marketing options in terms of price, product, promotion, place, packaging physical evidence, process in order that your offering meets a selected customer need or demand.

What is marketing? The definition that a lot of marketers learn as they begin call at the industry is: putting the proper product within the right place, at the proper price, at the proper time.

It’s simple! you only got to create a product that a specific group of individuals want, put it on sale some place that those self same people visit regularly, and price it at A level which matches the worth they feel they get out of it; and do all that at a time they need to shop for . Then you’ve it made!

There’s a lot of truth during this idea. However, tons of diligence must enter checking out what customers want, and identifying where they are doing their shopping. Then you would like to work out the way to produce the item at a price that represents value to them, and obtain it all to return together at the critical time.

But if you get only one element wrong, it can spell disaster. You’ll be left promoting a car with amazing fuel economy during a country where fuel is extremely cheap, or publishing a textbook after the beginning of the new academic year , or selling an item at a price that’s too high – or too low – to draw in the people you’re targeting.

The marketing mix may be a good place to start out once you are thinking through your plans for a product or service, and it helps you to avoid these sorts of mistakes. During this article and within the video, below, we’ll discover more about the marketing mix and therefore the 7Ps, and the way you’ll use them to develop a successful marketing strategy.

1. Product

The 7Ps begins with ‘product’. This might ask a physical product, a service or an experience. Basically… anything that’s being sold. 

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there – you purchase a jacket from a dodgy website that looked amazing on-screen but, when it arrives, well, it’s vastly different from what you expected. What does one neutralise this situation? Does one send it back and obtain a refund, complain online, order a special size within the hope that’s what the difficulty was, or just accept this new item into your life, shove it to the rear of your wardrobe and pretend it’s all okay. 

Either way, this inaccurately advertised item has caused you unnecessary hassle and left you feeling but impressed. So regardless of what your product or service is, it’s important that it meets the stress of the market and satisfies, or exceeds, the expectations of the customer.

2. Price

The chunk of cash that a supplier sets for his product is labelled as price. Setting the worth needs keen thought and analysis, mainly for inexperienced or new business owners who mistakenly sense to supply the minimum price or they might find yourself in achieving zero sales. Pricing is computed in some ways , like cost-plus, supported value or combative. Price -The chunk of cash that a supplier sets for his product is labelled as price. Setting the worth needs keen thought and analysis, mainly for inexperienced or new business owners who mistakenly sense to supply the minimum price or they might find yourself in achieving zero sales. Pricing is computed in some ways , like cost-plus, supported value or combative.

3. Process

 The method is an integrated buying exposure. From the prime segment of contact, generally the network or website, to distribution of the great or service. Nonetheless, the method doesn’t block there, because there’s the post sales service, and creating decent relations with customers even after the purchasing process.

4. People

People refers to anyone who comes in touch together with your customer, even indirectly, so confirm you’re recruiting the simplest talent in the least levels—not just in customer service and sales department .

Here’s what you’ll do to make sure your people are making the proper impact on your customers:

  • Develop your marketers’ skills in order that they can perform your marketing mix strategy
  • Think about company culture and brand personality.
  • Hire professionals to style and develop your products or services.
  • Focus on customer relationship management, or CRM, which creates genuine connections and inspires loyalty on a private level.

5. Promotion

Promotion refers to your advertising, marketing, and sales techniques. This might mean traditional advertising, via TV, radio, billboards, etc., or more modern methods, like ads within web page , ads on a podcast, email marketing or push notifications.

The way that you simply prefer to communicate together with your audience and promote your offerings will have an immediate impact on the success of your brand. Post a message within the wrong place, at the incorrect time, or to the incorrect person and you’ll end up during a world of trouble. On the opposite hand, if you execute those aspects within the right way, your business success will undoubtedly skyrocket! 

Knowing the simplest channel(s) and methods for promotion is important , especially today: breaking through the noise of brash ads and in-your-face pop-ups is tough to realise , especially if you’re during a busy market. But simply understanding who your audience is, and what they require of you, will mitigate any promotional issues that you’re wary of facing. 

How does one get to understand your audience and also understand their requirements? Through, you guessed it, market segmentation. Market segmentation allows you to find out the requirements , needs, values, and motivations of your audience. Once you’ve got discovered and analysed this data, you’ll be confident that your product is being promoted to the proper people, within the right place and at the proper time

6. Packaging

A company’s packaging catches the eye of latest buyers during a crowded marketplace and reinforces value to returning customers. Here are some ways to form your packaging work harder for you:

Design for differentiation. An honest design helps people recognise your brand at a look , and may also highlight particular features of your product. For instance , if you’re a shampoo company, you’ll use different colours on the packaging to label different hair types.

Provide valuable information. Your packaging is that the perfect place for product education or brand reinforcement. Include clear instructions, or an unexpected element to surprise and delight your customers.

Add more value. Exceed expectations for your customers and provides them well-designed, branded extras they will use, sort of a free toothbrush from their dentist, a free estimate from a roofer, or a free styling guide from their hairdresser.

7.  Physical Evidence

Physical evidence means the looks of the service, it’s the environment of service. It includes the uniform of staff; the air cargo company features a high level of awards and office appliances. But these aren’t more important physical evidence like answering the question of ” is that the shipment arrived on time or not?”.

In my point of view, these 7Ps of service marketing mix not enough if we apply it to air cargo services.


Because air cargo security is that the main operation factor to continuously shipping air cargo round the world. If any security breach happened, it’ll affect the flow of air cargo and this may affect customer satisfaction. The ninth marketing factor of air cargo is ” Protection “. I will be able to let this for further study by marketing researchers 

 Also, the 7Ps of service marketing, you would like to get information which will test each of the 7Ps and support your marketing plan. To try to do that, you would like to use the 5Ws marketing grid which want to discuss and question each “P” using the 5Ws :

  •  How
  •  What
  •  When
  •  Why
  •  Where

Air cargo marketing is about making decisions about the sort and level of service that the corporate should offer to the customer. The primary step is making decisions regarding the 7Ps of service marketing which I already mentioned.

Do the 7 Ps of selling really matter?

The Ps in marketing all revolve round the same three extensions: people, process, and physical evidence. This is often why the Promise/Paint/Proof/Push framework works so well for marketing emails.

So, while the 7 Ps of selling may combat various names, the essential idea remains an equivalent , so knowing these basics is significant to any marketing strategy.

Incorporate the 7Ps into Your Marketing Mix

When it involves creating a solid and strategic marketing mix, it’s important to know how the 7 Ps of selling fit into the entire picture.

Assembly may be a full-service marketing agency based in India, and that we can show you ways including the seven Ps into your marketing strategy can translate to increased sales and simpler marketing campaigns.

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