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Shoppable Media Ads – The next big thing in Digital Advertising

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In the face of the global Covid-19 pandemic, a lot has changed. Consumer shopping that was steadily migrating online has taken a giant leap forward. The time that would have once been spent at restaurants or going to live events is instead now being spent at the comforts of the home settling down with online entertainment.

Thus, it’s no surprise that a recent Global Web Index report found that over 80% of audiences have consumed more content online since the outbreak.

While consumers have more time to view content online, what’s missing is an experience that truly grabs their attention and drives meaningful interactions.

Providing Engaging Experiences with Shoppable Ads

Although shoppable ads have been around for a while now, it’s in recent times that they have recorded consistent growth. Several studies and reports indicate that Shoppable Ads are here to stay and can help retailers increase online sales.

percentage of marketers using shoppable ads

Shoppable ads as implied by their name are an ad inventory with single or multiple product images or tags that will enable users to purchase or know more about the product all within the same ad window.

Some popular types of shoppable ads include

  • Google Product Listing Ads
  • Google Showcase Shopping Ads
  • YouTube Shoppable Video Ads
  • Facebook Collection Ads
  • Instagram Ads with Product Tags
  • Pinterest Shopping Ads
  • Shoppable Snap Ads
  • Shoppable TV Ads

And, that’s not all. Pretty soon, Facebook will start rolling out ads in WhatsApp and coupled with WhatsApp payment options, these are very likely to be shoppable ads.

The Prominence of Shoppable Media

Directly “shoppable media,” such as livestreams, social commerce, virtual consultations and shoppable ad formats, will be the fastest-growing advertising categories in the near future as retailers and brands seek to reach consumers who are more likely to shop online, per the IAB. Livestream-generated sales are expected to double to $120 billion worldwide this year.

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At the same time, leading broadcasters like NBC are debuting shoppable ads in both TV and digital video formats.

With frictionless conversion at stakes, nailing the shoppable ad has become a necessity that advertisers can no longer afford to ignore.

The Transformative Dynamics of Shoppable Ads

Here are three big transformations that shoppable ads have brought forth:

1. Shortens the Purchase Journey

As marketers, we rely on different kinds of ads to direct customers across the AIDA funnel – display ads for awareness, focused ads for interest/desire stage, etc. However, shoppable ads have collapsed the AIDA funnel as the same ad can be used to drive awareness to purchase in an instant.

This means you need to tell the entire brand story within the span of the ad and a few seconds. Now that represents both a challenge and an opportunity – A challenge to convince your audience to buy and an opportunity to save on costs that you may otherwise incur with multiple ads.

2. Reinvent Digital Advertising

Shoppable ads have not just collapsed the funnel within the ad, it has also created significant disruptions in several other stages of digital advertising that include the following:

  • Agile Planning – The media planning approach has collapsed from a long-term commitment to one that happens on an ongoing and real-time basis.
  • Rethinking Creative – The creatives you use for shoppable ads serve as the window to influence the audience and thus you need to be completely innovative to pick the right format.
  • Reconsider Measurement – The way you track ad campaign results and performance will be different as you need to capture the full scope of campaign management, from improved awareness to conversions and sales.

3. Democratize Online Selling

E-commerce ended the reign of retail as more brands moved to e-tail. Likewise, the arrival of shoppable ads has extended the e-tail industry. It has helped brands of all sizes and types to extend their reach with finer targeting options than other types of ads.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated a shift from the brick-and-mortar consumer economy to a “storeless” environment by as much as 500%, permanently altering the brand value chain.

Video and Shoppable Ads – A Powerful Duo Like No Other

Video shoppable ads are the next big thing in video marketing. YouTube has recently announced the inclusion of browsable product images underneath an ad to make a direct purchase without exiting the video.

That means brands ought to capitalize on this trend and maximize impact through versatile video shopping campaigns. The key is to keeping consumers interested in videos while encouraging transactions and seamlessly blend both elements into one unified experience.

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In a world of instant gratification, instant buying is sure to become the norm. Shoppable ads will satiate the needs of the consumers with a fast and frictionless experience that everybody craves for. It’s high time brands consider shoppable ads as part of their basic digital marketing strategy to boost visibility and revenue.

Have you started investing in shoppable ads? If not, what’s stopping you. And, if you are already doing, what has been your shoppable media advertising experiences so far? Drop your comments below or write to us at [email protected].

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