Friday 3rd of February 2023

5 Guaranteed Ways to Increase your Facebook Page Followers in 2022

How many Facebook Likes does your business Page have? If you’re immersed in social media marketing, you almost certainly know this number off the highest of your head.

With quite two billion users, Facebook offers an enormous potential audience for your business. But with quite 60 million active Facebook business Pages on the network, there’s also tons of competition for those all-important Likes.

There’s no getting around it: getting more Likes may be a critical a part of your Facebook marketing strategy. But you can’t get so focused on Likes that you simply lose sight of what Facebook is all about.

Getting more Likes requires you to share content that’s truly likeable—and engage in ways in which make your brand likeable, too. You won’t find any underhanded gimmicks during this post. It’s about getting more likes by being an honest Facebook citizen and dealing to make content that has real value for an audience which will provide many value for your brand reciprocally .

1: Post Valuable Content

If you post content that’s valuable, more people will likely follow you. Consider your relationship together with your followers as symbiotic: it’s grounded on mutual benefits. Your followers, who engage together with your content, remain loyal to you, and, in return, you give them content that fulfils their needs. For instance , if you’re within the B2B or B2C industry, you ought to post eBooks, guides, case studies, or infographics that benefit your followers. If you’re within the apparel industry , post look books and fashion guides. If you’re within the show business , post videos, gifs, and culturally relevant memes that entertain. Giving your followers what they need will leave them begging for more content, and following your page is that the only way they will get their hands thereon.

2: Invite People to Like Your Page

The easiest thanks to increase Facebook followers is by inviting people to love your page. The lowest-hanging fruit here is to ask your friends and family.

Once you begin running ads for your store, Facebook will occasionally send you notifications asking you to ask people to love your page.

I found that typically if I ran engagement ads, I’d get a better number of individuals that I could invite to love the page.

However, albeit I manually invited people, i ultimately got temporarily blocked by Facebook. So you would like to pace the amount of individuals you invite at a time.

Also, if you are doing get temporarily blocked, Facebook might still send notifications telling you to ask people. But you continue to won’t be ready to invite anyone. Wait each day or two before trying to ask more people.

You can also invite friends and family to love your page. However, confine mind that it’s better to possess a little , targeted audience than to possess an enormous , broad one, because it could limit the effectiveness of your future ads.

3: Post Consistently

Posting consistently shows folks that your Facebook page is alive and active. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worthwhile for them to follow your page. As illustrated in point number three, your relationship together with your followers must be symbiotic. If people are following your page, you want to return the favour by consistently posting valuable content.

Although you ought to post consistently, you shouldn’t post too often to avoid spamming your followers. If you post often enough that your followers will perceive your posts as spam, they will hide your posts, report them as spam, or, even worse, unfollow you. All three actions will cause Facebook to penalise you by giving your page a inferiority on news feed.

Additionally, you shouldn’t post too actually because Facebook doesn’t reward frequency. Rather, it rewards engagement numbers. For instance , if you post 10 times each day but all of your posts have weak engagement, Facebook will rank your page lower in news feed.

4: Facebook Ads

The most powerful thanks to increase engagement on your page is clearly through Facebook ads. The good thing about Facebook ads is that you simply can reach your exact audience, through it you advertise to people counting on their location, age, gender, interests, and behaviour. If you would like to ascertain rapid results on your page, you ought to definitely choose Facebook ads because it helps you build your brand awareness. Your advertisement are going to be shown variety of times, making your audience more familiar and cozy together with your brand.

Whether you’re trying to drive traffic to your website, sell your product, or simply want to extend your brand awareness Facebook ads are effective as they’re going to assist you reach the proper person quickly. But confirm that the ad or the merchandise that you simply are advertising is eye-catching and genuine.

5: Engage with other brands and communities on Facebook

Remember that Facebook is primarily a social network—so get social and begin engaging with other brands that are relevant to your niche but not your direct competitors. An easy Like or discuss another brand’s post can help draw their attention and open up opportunities to figure together to cross-promote your businesses so you both gain more Facebook Likes. Tagging other brands can also expose your Page to a replacement audience (that other brand’s followers)—but only use tags in relevant posts.

Look for communities of potential followers to interact with, too. Facebook Groups are an excellent place to seek out people that are hooked in to subjects associated with your niche, and provide you with the chance to spotlight your expertise. Just confirm your participation in Facebook Groups is useful , instead of promotional, otherwise you might end up kicked out of the group.


There are tons of massive changes happening at Facebook over the past few months, but that doesn’t make Facebook any less of a powerhouse.

It’s still the foremost popular social platform. And their 2.60 billion monthly active users is not any joke.

All these users can translate into huge growth opportunities if you play your cards right.

Hopefully, a number of the following pointers assist you increase the amount of Facebook followers you’ve got so you’ll keep smashing your business goals.

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