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Flutter 2.0 Features – Flutter 2.0: What’s New?

Google play store has over 15,000 applications developed using Flutter. The framework is loved by developers to a great extent and they look forward to developing more applications using Flutter. Needless to say, the developer community was waiting for the launch of its new version for a long time now, and they were excited to use the updated version for quite some time now.

Its version 2.0 has established the development framework further and it is now a complete UI toolkit. This kit is portable and more flexible. Furthermore, it has the potential of developing an application for all platforms. The framework can be used to build apps for mobile, web, desktop, and also for the latest foldable devices.

Flutter 2.0: What’s New?

The new version of Flutter has extended its support to windows, web apps, Linux, macOS, and other embedded devices. That said, the applications built using this framework work well on a vast variety of platforms. Hire mobile app development services to make the most of your mobile app.

Let us see what changes in the updated version make the framework powerful.

  • Web

Initially, Flutter has several hurdles coming to the web. The web is a bit of a tricky platform, and it takes something great to deal with it. Hence, the new version of Flutter has gone through some changes, and web development is now officially a part of the stable channel. It is expected to follow desktop support soon.

It means that the web support of Flutter has been transformed from beta to stable release and is now more focused on the enhancements and performance in rendering fidelity. Also, it encompasses richer APIs of the platform, the ones that can power intricate apps with 3D and 2D graphics.

  • Sound Null Safety

It is a smart addition to the Dart language that enables developers to easily distinguish between nullable and non-nullable variables. Furthermore, they can also avoid unnecessary null checks. The developers will now not have to worry about the existing packages that don’t work with null safety and most of them can get converted.

  • Desktop

Flutter app development for desktop with Flutter 2.0 enjoys support for the shortcuts of keyboard that provides the feel of native apps on Windows, macOS, or Linux. From the point of view of a user, this is an important change. Irrespective of the device that a user is using, the applications developed using Flutter, stay consistent. The new version of Flutter provides interactive scrollbar and keyboard shortcuts besides the content density offered in desktop modes.

  • Stronger iOS Support

The Flutter 2.0 version comes with notable features of enhancements of iOS support and also encompasses several modified iOS features. The new version also has new iOS features in the Cupertino design language implementation. For developing an iOS-based flutter application, you’d need flutter app development services .

  • Native Google Mobile Ads

The SDK beta version of Google Mobile Ads enables developers to encompass inline banners and native ads with the formats of the existing overlay. The applications developed using Flutter 2.0 can be easily customized with Ads Manager and Admob.

  • Platform Adaptive Apps

The platform adaptive applications developed using Flutter 2.0 includes mobile overlays on desktop and sheets on mobile that allow the apps to adjust according to the screen size. The developers are not required to build different apps for different platforms and the users can easily use the same app developed on any device of their choice.

  • Autocomplete and ScaffoldMessenger

The Flutter 2.0 version has ScaffoldMessenger and Autocomplete granted, it becomes easy for the developers to develop apps fully loaded with features. Such features can be included in the native apps that are built using Flutter 2.0. The developers can also create snack bars between the transitions of the Scaffold.

  • Reuse codes with App to App

When developers use any other app development framework, it may become difficult for them to use the code used to build android applications, for the development of iOS apps. Flutter 2.0 has app-to-app features that enable them to reuse the same code for a different platform. It becomes possible with Flutter. The same code can be used to develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms. That said, the App to App feature makes the development process easy for developers.


If you are looking for a mobile app development company to get your next mobile app built, Flutter 2.0 will be your ultimate choice. Looking at the increasing number of apps developed using Flutter, we know that it is one of the recent releases which is celebrated by most mobile developers. The developers are also eager to use the new version of Flutter that has a host of features. Flutter excites the developers even more since it is brought by a community and an open-source framework. Companies and developers agree that Flutter is slowly becoming the first choice when there is a need to build mobile apps.

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