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What is the difference between Google Pay and Samsung Pay?

Google pay and Samsung pay both services serve the ultimate purpose of allowing you to pay quickly using your smartphones. In this article focused on the main difference between these Android payment systems (Google Pay vs Samsung Pay).

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay developed by Google, is a digital platform and online payment system. Its technology is also the more widely used of the two. Google Pay combines software and hardware to create a payment option that requires nothing more than your smartphone. It sends the encrypted information from your credit card to a payment reader in the business via Near-Field Communication (NFC).

Google Pay is a good payment platform, but its device compatibility is a limitation. You’re out of luck if your local store doesn’t have a card reader with the added NFC capability.

What is Samsung Pay?

Similar to Google pay, Samsung pay is also a mobile payment and digital wallet service developed by Samsung electronics. Samsung Pay has a nearly identical overall concept, and its app even supports NFC-powered transactions. The main reason Samsung has an unique branded version is that most of its transactions are powered by a different technology called MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission).

MST does not require any additional technology, such as NFC, in the card reader at the point of sale. Its magnetic pass off is identical to the magnetic strip present on every debit and credit card in the world. This means you’ll be able to use 90 percent of the credit card machines on the globe right away.

How does Google Pay Work?

Google Pay uses NFC technology. You will have to download the app, register your credit card and uses it, tap your smartphone on the machine, to make the payment. Google pay works a tokenization process in which a token acts a a stand-in for a customer’s actual credit and debit card numbers and information to protect your account information.

How does Samsung Pay Work?

When using a phone: open the Samsung Pay app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Your default card will appear, along with a message asking you to validate a payment using your PIN, fingerprint, or iris scanner on compatible devices. You can also use the app to launch Samsung Pay.

If you require a different card, a simple left or right swipe can bring up others in your phone’s memory. The default card will be the last card you used the previous time you opened the program, however you can alter this in settings.

After the payment has been biometrically approved, the phone instructs you to tap it on the contactless payment reader, and voila, a payment has been made.   

When using a smartwatch, press and hold the Back key on any compatible Samsung Galaxy wristwatch screen. The smartwatch will display the most recently used card, and it will then be ready to make a payment. To pay, tap the “Pay” button on the screen and place your wrist against the contactless payment reader.     


Both payment platforms are more than capable of processing transactions without the use of a physical card. With our phones, we’ve come a long way in terms of mobile payments. Google Pay and Samsung Pay, on the other hand, operate in a somewhat different way.                                           

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