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How To Make A Beehive In Minecraft?

Bees are both cute and useful mobs in Minecraft. They spawn in plains, forests, and flower forest biomes. You can also find bee nests to collect honey and honeycombs.

However, if you want to bring the bees home, you can’t simply break the nest with anything. If you use any tool without silk touch, it breaks and drops nothing.

This is where the beehives come in; the man-made nests for bees that you can craft using honeycombs. You can use them to farm bees and give them a home near your base. Without further ado, let’s look at how to make a beehive in Minecraft?

Beehive in Minecraft

In short, you will need three honeycombs and six wooden planks to craft beehives. You can get the honeycombs from bee nests using shears. But, it is best to place a campfire underneath the bee nest before shearing it so that you do not anger the bees.

Once you have the honeycomb, you can proceed to make a beehive using the ingredients above by using the steps below:

  1. Open your crafting GUI.
  2. Place three honeycombs in the middle row, one in each space.
  3. Fill the crafting table with wooden planks in the rest of the space.
  4. You can then take the beehive from the right side and place it wherever you want.

It is best to place the beehive on top of a campfire as the bees will not get angry if you interact with the hive once bees start living in them.

Getting Bees Inside A Beehive

beehive home

If you tried luring the bees with a flower to your beehive, only for them to pollinate and go back to their nest, try the methods below. These few methods can help you ensure the bees accept your beehives as their new home.

Breeding the Bees

If you lured the bees close to the beehive, you can try feeding two bees by giving them both a flower. Once the bees breed and the baby bee spawns, there is a good chance that the bee goes inside the beehive and make its home there,

baby bee

Making the Bee Nest Full

You can also try breeding the bees next to their nest until it is full of bees. Since the nest can only have three bees, you do not need to grind and breed them for a long time.

too many bees 1

Once the nest is full, more bees will be wandering around the same nest. You can then lure them into your beehive, and they will gladly take it as a new home.

Moving a Beehive in Minecraft

Beehives are very easy to move as you can use any tool to break them and place them in your inventory. It does not need a silk touch like the bee nest. However, it is best to use an ax to break beehives faster.

You do have to be careful while breaking the beehive. If you do not place a campfire underneath the hive and leave an open space above it for the smoke to pass, the bees will get angry and try to sting you.

Likewise, an important thing to keep in mind is that if your beehive has bees in it, you can break it with a silk touch and place it somewhere else. Doing so will move the bees in it as well, and they will not be hostile towards you.

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