Friday 3rd of February 2023

What is Google Play Protect?

In the Play Store, Google Play Protect is a built-in security feature. It scans programs before you download them, preventing you from downloading harmful apps. This protects your device from malicious software.

Aside from the Play Store app, it also analyzes apps downloaded from third-party sources on a regular basis. It sends you a notification when it finds a potentially hazardous program and allows you to uninstall it.

An Android user will receive a notification and the option to delete an app if it is determined to be potentially harmful. Google Play Protect will sometimes disable some apps and prevent them from operating until they are uninstalled. Additionally, certain programs may be automatically uninstalled, in which case the user will be warned.

Google Play Protect has two other significant functions in addition to virus detection. The Find My Device tool can show you where your Android device is. It has the ability to lock the device, sign the user out of their Google account, or entirely wipe it. Second, Google Play Protect’s safe surfing feature monitors web browsing via the Chrome browser on a device to detect dangerous activities from websites. When it finds a site that may use questionable online practices, it alerts the visitor that they should not visit it.

How Can You Detect If Your Android Device Has Google Play Protect?

The Google Play Protect feature is hidden deep within your phone’s settings, and it isn’t accessible through the Play Store app. To find out which apps were inspected automatically and when, click to Settings -> Google -> Security -> Google Play Protect.

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