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What is Reddit and How Does it Work?

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet. If you’ve ever used the internet, you’ve almost definitely heard of Reddit. It’s a social networking site where users may share news, links, ideas, thoughts, and discussion threads.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social sharing website. It is built around users submitting links, pictures and text, which everyone can then vote on.

If you’re new to Reddit, you might be perplexed by what you see, so here’s a quick rundown. The homepage (or “first page”) displays various posts from various subreddits that are currently trending on the site. If you’re registered in with a Reddit account, you may sort these posts by clicking one of the icons on the ribbon menu beneath the Create Post text box (if you’re logged in) or under a smaller header labeled Popular Posts if you’re not logged in. If you’re logged in, these icons will order the posts by Best, Hot, New, Top, or Rising. Alternatively, it will arrange them by your chosen location(s) (rather than Best), as well as Hot, New, and Top.

How Reddit Works?

Reddit is a huge site, but it is divided into thousands of smaller communities called subreddits. 

Subreddits are run by moderators (sometimes known as “mods”), who are volunteers who can change the look of a subreddit, govern what types of content are allowed, and even remove posts or users from the subreddit. Reddit as a whole is administered by the admins, who are Reddit employees with extensive authority over the site, including the ability to remove moderators’ rights and even block entire subreddits.

You’ll probably notice up and down arrows, as well as a number, next to a post. Users can upvote or downvote posts by clicking the arrows, which increases or decreases their visibility, and the number reflects the current total of upvotes and downvotes. Reddit users can also upvote and downvote other people’s comments, and each account has a karma number that shows how much karma their comments have gotten overall. Karma won’t win you any cool Reddit gear or anything, but it will help you gain respect in the Reddit community. Take pride in your karma!

Signing Up

If Reddit appeals to you, you may register by clicking the blue Sign Up icon in the top right corner of the main Reddit page. Then, to establish an account, follow the on-screen steps. Reddit, too, does not limit you to just one account. Depending on the subreddits you plan to engage in, you can create numerous usernames and choose which one to log in with. Some subreddits, for example, promote personal posts, and you could find it handy to have one identity there and another in a sports subreddit. When seeking romantic or professional guidance, among other things, some people create disposable accounts.

Following your sign-in, Reddit will provide suggestions for popular boards that might be of interest to you. If you have a certain community in mind that you would want to join, type its name into the search field. Alternatively, you might look for relevant words and conduct research that way.

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