Saturday 4th of February 2023

Redoroff.ru – A Dangerous WhatsApp Scam

This Unsafe WhatsApp Scam Can Get Access to Your Personal and Financial Details

A dangerous WhatsApp scam known as Redoroff.ru a has been circulating for the past few days now. Using social engineering tools fraudsters can access to a WhatsApp user’s personal data and financial information. With Rediroff.ru in the URL, the scam link can infect Windows PC as well as iOS and Android smartphones. It has reached with promise of expensive gifs.

How the Redoroff.ru scam on WhatsApp take place?

Victims are first sent a link via WhatsApp by fraudsters. When a person clicks on the link, the webpage states that by simply taking an anonymous survey, the user can win a prize. Users are directed to a different website after answering the survey’s questions, where they are invited to fill out their information. The website collects information such as name, age, address, bank account information, and other personal information. Your personal details could be used to make fraudulent transactions or sold to criminals on the dark web.

The information you provide to cybercriminals can also be used to send spam and harmful emails. PUAs (potentially unwanted applications) can also be installed on the victim’s device. Phishing websites analyze the user’s IP address to identify their location, then modify the page’s language and display numerous fraudulent practices suitable for their location.

How to prevent becoming a target of the Rediroff.ru WhatsApp scam?

If you receive a spam link containing Rediroff.ru in the URL, mark it as spam and remove it as soon as possible. If you accidentally clicked on one of these links, you should scan your device for adware, spyware, or PUAs. If you see ads where they shouldn’t be and are redirected to unknown sites when you search for something in your browser, malware may have already infected your device. If you come across some suspicious apps on your smartphone, you should uninstall them immediately.

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